Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Little Lilly | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

This precious baby girl is number four for my friend and fellow photographer, Leah Profancik. I offered to help Leah out with her newborn photos after hearing that she was recovering from a c-section. I cannot imagine trying to get those sweet newborn shots right after having major surgery! I also offered because I know how valuable it is to have mommy in some of the photos as well. We had a lot of fun...and you can totally tell through these photos how much she is loved! It was so fun for me to watch her big brothers and older sister ADORE her. Just look at how beautiful this family is!! Thanks, Leah, for allowing me to capture this time for you guys!! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! :)

This last one is my personal favorite!! :)


Unknown said...

aww leah, how gorgeous she is!! you look fantastic too!! love to you all xxx

Rhonda said...

love that last shot too! great job on them all!