Friday, November 6, 2009

Two babies...too cute!

I really enjoyed working with one of my good friends yesterday. Amber and Anthony have two little ones who are 16 months apart, just like my two! And a boy and us as well. It'll be fun to see our kids grow up being in the same classes together! :) I forewarned Amber about how challenging toddlers can be...especially at Gabe's age. Typically, if they know you want them to look at the camera, they won't...not for anything. :) But this little guy LOVED the camera. In fact, he got upset when it was little sister's turn to have her picture taken! SO sweet. And speaking of little sister...Ava is JUST a sweetheart! LOVE those cheeks! :) We got A LOT of wonderful shots from this session. Here are just a few...see what I mean? :)

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Amy Foltz said...

that last one is sooo sweet!