Friday, April 3, 2009

Lifestyle Photography

I attended a 3-day photography workshop this week, and it was pretty awesome. I actually only made it to two of the days, as I woke up one morning terribly sick. But the days I went, I learned SO much. I think biggest take away for me had to do with branding. Who am I? What do people think of when they see my name? My photos? What is Leslie Ober Photography all about? I had a lot of thinking to do. I want my business to reflect who I, loving, friendly, genuine, creative, real....the list goes on and on. I want people to know that when they choose me as their photographer, they aren't just signing up for some good photos. It's all about the experience...the relationship. I will share stories with you...get to know you and your family. I will love your children...and sometimes even love ON them (especially those snugly little babies!).

And as for my style of photography, well that is still developing. I know that I like to capture real life...real interactions between the people I am photographing. I also like a very crisp, clean feel to my photos. I am finding myself preferring black and whites over color...but at the time, definitely still do both. I think I am a mixture between what is considered "lifestyle" photography and traditional portrait photography. I do a little of both. Oh...and I do have a specialty: "bellies, babies, and beyond." In other words...I photograph pregnant women, babies, children, and families. Just for fun, I decided to try out some black and white lifestyle-type photography this week. Here's what I came up with...

My new logo, blog header, and watermark will be coming VERY soon!! :)

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